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My approach in golf instruction starts with gaining a comprehensive overview of how you aim to get the balls to the target. Then, I analyze your swing on my 3D ground reaction force plates, as well as with the help of video analysis and TrackMan. This data-driven method allows for tracking improvements both visually and through data. Players quickly gain a better understanding of their swing and can continuously improve through targeted exercises. My approach, based on three-dimensional measuring plates, makes forces visible and promotes better movement quality, leading to increased consistency, repeatability, and distance – the goal of every golfer.

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Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned player, I’m here to help you achieve your goals. With cutting-edge technology and innovative methods, I tailor lessons to suit your needs, ensuring rapid progress and lasting improvement. Let’s take your golf game to the next level – contact me today to get started!

About Me

My name is Cho, born in 1980 in Frankfurt, Germany. My motto, passed down from my father, is to be the best at what you do. That’s why I strive to be the number one in golf instruction. Education is paramount to me, not only for myself but also for my students, whether they’re children, beginners, adults, advanced players, or professionals. I prioritize providing a solid foundational education, particularly for young and talented players, to influence their future development. My experience has shown me the importance of this, as even skilled players struggled to keep up without it. I offer various concepts for both recreational and competitive players, drawing on my professional and personal experiences. Staying up-to-date with the latest technology is crucial to me, as it enhances learning and progression. I’m dedicated to helping as many people as possible improve their game, and I’m available year-round, worldwide. I’ve reached a point in my life where I believe I can improve anyone’s game.

Latest Products


3D Dual Force Plates

Measuring success in 3D from the ground up just became affordable & portable for everyone.

Golf Simulator

A golf simulator consists of three interconnected components: the engine, the software and the expansion.

PuttView offers a 360°

PuttView offers a 360° putting solution for all your needs. Indoors, this is achieved with a projector.

Scope Systems GmbH

Scope Systems GmbH entwickelt, produziert und verkauft modernes Video-Analyse Equipment für den Sport Markt.

SAM PuttLab

SAM PuttLab is the world's most accurate and comprehensive putt analysis and training system. The analysis reveals even the smallest details

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The three key advantages

Number 1 in golf instruction

I combine years of experience, comprehensive expertise, and proven success. My ability to achieve measurable results and make the invisible visible sets me apart. Choose me to take your golf skills to the next level.

Best conditions

Diverse course offerings, including an 18-hole course, a 9-hole course, a short course, a large driving range, and a dedicated teaching facility equipped with state-of-the-art technology

Immediate improvement noticeable

Rapid progress through effective methods and promotion of health through economical

Golf Instruction with Cho

You can find me at the Golfpark im Bachgrund, on the southwest side. My teaching room is located on the left side when entering the clubhouse on the driving range. Feel free to warm up at the ball machine before we start.

It’s advisable to bring your entire golf equipment to allow for a comprehensive assessment. Even during specific sessions like driver training, having a mid or short iron can be helpful.

My offerings are individually tailored and can be adjusted to your needs. Schedule a session, and we’ll create a suitable package together.

The duration varies depending on the player and their dedication to training. A precise correction method is applied, and you’ll feel improvements after the first few ball contacts. However, the final implementation is individual and requires regular practice and patience.

Session bookings can be made via Payment is made directly on-site after the session.

Start by sending your coach a request. Share your swing, your stats, your goals and more.

You’ll get a detailed video showing you an analysis of where you need to improve and drills specifically tailored to your goals.

You’ll get back a plan on how you can get better, and ongoing support adapted to your busy schedule.

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Watch this video to learn more about how Skillest works.

Why Skillest?

Skillest is the modern way to learn golf. Here’s how it compares to in person coaching and online golf tips.

In person coaching

Online golf tips


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Matt McCormick

It was well worth the money. I would rate it a 10 out of 10. All of my lessons on Skillest have been fabulous. I'm very happy with your application and the turn around time for the lessons.

Jason Mendoza

As I stood over the ball, I had so many things running through my head. My coach helped clear my mind and helped me build a good foundation starting with my grip and working all the way through the swing.

Seal Colley

I was able to send in swings as frequently as I needed and I could talk to my coach as obstacles arose. The best part is not having to wait for another in person lesson to ask questions.

Andrew Boys

I wanted guidance on better ball compression with my ball striking. The best thing about Skillest is the ability to use video and messaging to work with an awesome coach to help you at your pace .

Vipul Gidda

I'm a tinkerer of my golf swing and can exaggerate changes. Using the app was simple and easy to communicate with my coach and get his feedback.

Gavin Iwanaka

Skillest made it really convenient to film my swings at home and get my analysis and drills to try the next day. In three months, I've gained a club of distance and dropped 5 strokes from my handicap.

Frequently asked questions

An online golf lesson is a way of learning golf skills and techniques from a coach or instructor through the internet, using video analysis, live coaching, or online courses. On Skillest, you can get private instruction with an elite golf coach without even leaving your home. Just record your golf swing and send it to your coach, along with any goals, questions, or other information that will help your coach create the right plan for you.

You can sign up for Skillest by downloading the app from the App Store or Google Play, or by visiting the website at You will need to create an account with your email and password and find a coach.

Skillest can help match you with the right coach for your game and goals. You first fill out a brief questionnaire about your golf game, experience, and goals for improving. Skillest will search our directory of elite coaches from around the world to find the perfect coach tailored for you. You can also choose to browse through the coaching directory on your own. Search for any coach by name, location, or specialty. Skillest also offers unique categories to choose from, such as trending coaches, bestsellers, and tour player coaches. You can then choose the type of lesson you want, such as a single lesson, lesson package, a monthly subscription, or a live video lesson. You can also view the coach’s availability, price, and ratings, and contact them directly if you have any questions.

Skillest offers a variety of plans and packages available for purchase. You can purchase a single online lesson, lesson packages, monthly subscriptions, or live Zoom lessons. Many coaches also offer video-based courses in addition to one-on-one coaching. Note: Not every coach will offer each type of lesson plan available.

Online golf lessons using Skillest offer many benefits, such as convenience, affordability, flexibility, and access to the largest selection of the most talented golf coaches in one place. Through video recordings, side by side comparisons, and conversations you have with your coach, you will receive comprehensive feedback on what you need to improve and how to improve these areas. When you get a lesson on Skillest, you don’t need to schedule a time or drive to your lesson. You can just record your swing and message your coach whenever you have questions.

The costs of an online lesson varies with each coach. Every coach’s prices are different and depend on who the coach is and what level of coaching is right for you. For example, you can buy 1 lesson with a coach or you can purchase a monthly subscription where you get more frequent access to your coach. With each online purchase, there is a 15% service fee applied which goes to Skillest. Before you checkout, you will see the total amount being charged.

You will receive feedback from your coach through the Skillest app. Your coach will record their own videos with their analysis as well as additional drills to work on and send them back to you inside the lesson. You can watch your coach’s analysis, which may include video, audio, text, or drawings and see the changes and improvements they suggest for your swing. You can also ask your coach follow-up questions you have, and chat with them through the app. You can also review your feedback and track your progress anytime on the app.

Courses are a series of videos created by a coach that can focus on specific topics, such as best putting and chipping techniques. Courses can also cover topics such as golf course strategy, fitness, and mental techniques.